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Across various states in the United States, energy efficiency programs and incentives are being implemented to encourage individuals and businesses to adopt more energy-efficient practices.

Below are the current states Seres works with. Click your state to learn more!

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The traditional energy-efficiency programs in California have been notoriously difficult to crack. But there is hope that new changes can make the program more successful. Expect incentives to equal around $0.12 / kWh saved in Year 1, up to 50% of the project cost. Lead times can be long and success uncertain.

More interesting are the various programs that reward electricity savings, regardless of how those savings originated. For example, most of the major utilities are paying anywhere between $0.30-$0.60 / kWh reduced to the third-party aggregators who have pre-registered those sites. If that customer's implementation of energy-efficient tech or other changes means they use less electricity, the utility will pay out.

Invoices dated 4/1/23 – 11/15/23, and all paperwork and invoices must be submitted by 12/1/23 with the project being complete at that time. The rebate is capped at 75% of total project cost. Once the project is complete and I’ve received invoices and application, the rebate check will arrive to either you, or the client (however you and the client structure it) in ~4-6 weeks.

Electric utilities that service Oklahoma City, Tulsa, and several of the larger cities in Oklahoma (OGE and PSO), offer incentives between 9-10 cents / kWh saved up to 70-75% of the incremental project costs. They usually turn around their incentive applications quickly. Note that most of the area of Oklahoma is served by rural coops that do not offer incentive programs.

The major utilities and many of the smaller ones offer good incentives. They tend to be 8-10 cents / kWh saved up to 70-75% of the incremental project costs. They are easy to work with, turn around incentive applications quickly, and may accept applications for installations completed 6 within the past six months.

Across New Jersey, growers can receive simple indoor hort lighting incentives of between $125-250 per unit (depending on Wattage). For other equipment, they will receive 16 cents / kWh saved up to 50% of the project cost.

Customers in the major utility territories can get $0.20 / kWh saved up to 50% off of the project cost (incl. labor for retrofits).

Customers in the major utility territories can get $0.15-25 / kWh saved. Some utilities that get their power from the federally-owned Bonneville Power Authority can be troublesome.