Trolmaster Hydro-X Controller with 3-in-1 Sensor (Temp / Humid / Light ) and Cable set

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  Automate Your Grow With The TrolMaster Hydro-X Environment Controller With 3-in-1 Sensor The TrolMaster Hydro-X system...
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Automate Your Grow With The TrolMaster Hydro-X Environment Controller With 3-in-1 Sensor

The TrolMaster Hydro-X system is one of the best ways to automate your grow room . Its a fully customizable modular designed, professional-grade single zone controller.

This controller is as user friendly as it gets, and installing and setting it up is simple. It's compatible with just about every major grow light, HVAC system, dehumidifier/humidifier, and even CO2 system. You can use the free TrolMaster app, and achieve complete control of your grow room remotely, freeing you from the grow room and getting you back to doing the things you enjoy.

Whats Included With The Hydro-X System:

Entire Hydro-X System

Achieve Complete Grow Room Control With The Hydro-X

With one piece of equipment, you can essentially control anything you need in your grow room. There are more than 17 separate types of control modules, granting you the ability to connect the Hydro-X to A/C's and HVAC

To put it simply, the TrolMaster Hydro-X Environment Controller With 3-in-1 Sensor is the most intelligent and versatile system on the market. Here is a full list of things it can control:

  • 512 TrollMaster ThinkGrow Lights - 80 3rd Party Lights (40 Per line - 40 Ballasts or 24 Drivers)
  • 4 Temperature Devices
  • 2 Humidity Devices
  • 2 CO2 devices
  • 9 Pre-program Devices

You can easily customize your grow room and achieve the most optimal grow room environment , which results in the heaviest harvest possible with potent flowers.

To eliminate interference in the grow environment, all of the sensors and control modules are HARD-WIRED by standard RJ12 cable and splitters, making installation as simple as plug-and-play.

Control Your Grow Remotely

No grower wants to feel chained to their grow room, but you also don't want to worry about conditions in the grow. Luckily, you don't have to choose. The TrolMaster Hydro-X Environment Controller With 3-in-1 Sensor allows you to connect your unit to the Amazon cloud service. With the free TrolMaster smart phone app, you can monitor, control, and receive push notifications regarding your grow room atmosphere - all remotely.

Whether you are taking a vacation or just want to relax at home without worrying, you can rest assured the Hydro-X will do it's job and keep you informed along the way. After downloading the app, you can also read historical data with a graph and receive warning messages if the environment exceeds your setpoints and a problem arises. A micro-SD port helps you log data if the internet is unavailable.

The LCD display on the unit also provides you with current conditions and access to all settings, which are easy to program with just 6 buttons on the front of the unit.

The Hydro-X System Features A Modular Design

Another great feature of the Hydro-X Environment Control System is that you can control and customize every last detail of the controller. The modular design means you can configure the separate components in unique ways to create the best environment for your plants because every grow is different.

You can control up to 512 different grow lights on two separate channels, and operate different systems simultaneously. Just about every lighting brand and product on the market is compatible with the Hydro-X with different adapters.

NOTE: 2 knob fixtures allowing individual control of 2 different bulbs can NOT be controlled by the Hydro X

Currently we have:

  • LMA-11 for Phantom - Lighting Adapter P
  • LMA-12 for Dimlux - Lighting Adapter D
  • LMA-13 for Sun System - Lighting Adapter S
  • LMA-14 for HIDs like Gavita/Nanolux/Luxx - Lighting Adapter F
  • LMA-14 for HIDs like Growers Choice/Illuminar/PL
  • LMA-14 for LEDs like Fluence/Next light/Spectrum King
  • LMA-15 for DLI - Lighting Adapter DLI
  • LMA-T for ThinkGrow - Lantern Schedule Adapter F

Using the LMA-14 Adapter (Adapter F) for multiple lights

The LMA-14 Adapter can be used for 24 Drivers (LEDs) or 40 Ballasts with either the HCS-1 or HCS-2 Hydro-X controllers. Both the Hydro-X Controllers have 2 line lights giving the ability to control double the amount of each type of light (48 LEDs and 80 Ballasts).

If you require running more than that amount of lights, you can achieve this using the SPH-1 Splitter Hub . The SPH-1 Splitter Hub has 8 open RJ ports allowing you to plug a separate LMA-14 into each giving you the option of controlling 8x the normal amount, 8x(24 LEDs or 40 ballasts). You can use as many SPH-1 Splitter hubs to achieve the maximum amount of lights your facility requires.

All the other controlled modules are connected to the device channel.

For temperature control we have

  • TS-1/TS-2 for HVAC Systems

    The TS-1 (4 Wire) & TS-2 (6 Wire) thermostat stations are designed to replace a thermostat connected to a conventional cool only HVAC unit.

  • ARS-1 for Mini Split System

    The ARS-1 mini-split air conditioner controller is a universal controller that works with most mini-split air conditioners (and some window-type AC units too), as long as the unit came with an IR / infrared remote controller.

  • DST-1 for Temperature-Controlled Outlets (120 Volt)

    The TrolMaster DST-1 Temperature control modules allow the user to easily connect and control standard heating or cooling devices to the Hydro-x. Any heating or cooling device that is 10-amps at 120 volts or less can be controlled by the DST-1.

  • DST-2 for Temperature-Controlled Outlets (240 Volt)

    The TrolMaster DST-2 Temperature control modules allow the user to easily connect and control standard heating or cooling devices to the Hydro-x. Any heating or cooling device that is 10-amps at 240 volts or less can be controlled by the DST-2.

For humidity control we have

  • HS-1 for Commercial Dehumidifiers

    The HS-1 is the best way to control your dehumidifiers by eliminating the need to control the high-amperage / inrush current associated with dehumidifiers.

  • DSH-1/DSH-2 for Humidity-Controlled Outlets

    The TrolMaster DSH-1 (120 Volt) & DSH-2 (240 Volt) Humidity control / device modules allow the user to easily connect and control standard humidifying or dehumidifying devices to the Hydro-x.

  • DSC-1 for CO2-Controlled Outlets

    The TrolMaster DSC-1 CO2 control / device module allows user the to easily connect and control standard supplemental CO2 devices or CO2 exhaust controls to the Hydro-x. Any CO2 device that is 10-amps @ 120 volts or less can be controlled by the DSC-1.

  • DSP-1/DSD-1

    The TrolMaster DSP-1 (120 Volt) program device module (timer module) works like a multi-function timer. The DSP-1 allows the user to easily connect any device that needs to be controlled by TIME to the Hydro-x.
    The Trolmaster DSD-1 Dry-contact module provides a simple and flexible solution to who want to connect & control devices to the Hydro-X using a dry-contact or relay to activate the device.

All of these items are listed at the top under the custom options tabs or if you would like to view them individually they are all listed on our TrolMaster brand page here - TrolMaster Hydro-X

What is the difference between the Hydro-X Controllers?

Model Hydro-X (HCS-1) Hydro-X Plus (HCS-3) Hydro-X Pro (HCS-2)
Size 5" LCD Display 7" LED Screen 10.1" LED Screen
Control Button Control Touchscreen Touchscreen
Firmware Update Micro-SD USB/Online USB/Online

MAX Number Of Sensors

3-in-1 Sensor Max 1 - -
CO2 Sensor Max 1 - -
4-in-1 Sensor - Max 6 Up to 50 different sensors in combination
PAR Sensors Max 1 Max 1
Water Detectors Max 5 Max 10
Smoke Detectors Max 5 Max 10

MAX Number Of Control Modules

Temp Device Stations Max 4 Max 8 Up to 50 different control modules in combination
Humidity Stations Max 2 Max 8
CO2 Device Stations Max 2 Max 4
Program Device Stations Max 5 Max 10

Lighting Control

Sunrise / Sunset
Controls 2 channels
Controls Lights using PPFD/PAR Meter
DLI Control & Monitoring -
4 Spectrum Control (ThinkGrow) -
Group Control (10 x 2 ThinkGrow) -
Cloud Effect (ThinkGrow) -

Climate Control

Separate Day-Night Setting
Controls HVAC & Mini-Split ACs
Controls Commercial Humid/Dehu
Controls Timer Devices
Controls Supplemental CO2
Multiple Zone Control - -

How The TrolMaster Hydro-X Environment Controller With 3-in-1 Sensor Works

This diagram depicts how the entire Hydro-X family of products can be configured together to produce the greatest environmental control system to date.


The 3-in-1 sensor (MBS-TH) shown here is included . All other sensors and add-ons shows here are sold separately and available as custom options.


Entire Hydro-X System
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